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Star Elmo
HI there. The group has lots of topics, some of which include jokes, insults, pickup lines, adult nursery rhymes, aussie lingo decoder and heaps more including polls and funny pictures. Plz join the group and have a look.

Group Founder: el.mo
Description: c*m on in, sit dwn, converse. If yor feet stink, plz keep yor shoes on. Theres tea n coffee on the bench. Only instant sorry. Beer n bundys r in the fridge. The cheesecake is 4 later so plz dnt eat it. Because of some the content in this group, its 18+.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 342
Category: Fun > General

Topics (37)

go Sign in here plz if u want 2 save this group (37) el.mo
go IMPORTANT so plz read. [91] el.mo
go Adult Nursery Rhymes (25) el.mo
go Wots yor star sign? [57] el.mo
go C'mon and confess. (25) el.mo
go Insults. [56] el.mo
go Toilet humour (45) el.mo
go Try dis fun c0mmunity wapsite (0) etain
go :: members groups :: (10) toddster
go Try this c0mmunity wapsite (fr (0) etain
go Gettin 2 no your group members (17) el.mo
go Group Extras. (3) el.mo
go Welcome (20) el.mo
go Wot was the saddest day of yor life? (35) el.mo
go Finish this sentence plz (24) el.mo

Photos (95)

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Files (16)

1 Hedgehog
2 friends forever,
3 parking lot.
4 hard at work
5 hidden settings.
6 tweety flying
7 nursey
8 hard at work
9 kermie gets lucky.
10 angel
11 bug
12 bert gets lucky.
13 tntlips made this screensaver 4 me
14 angel Elmo
15 Proof that males r open minded


Polls (17)

go Wot sort of meat is yor fave?
go Whats your favourite flavour
go Wot sort of poll do u prefer doin?
go Where would u go 4 a holiday if money wasnt a option
go If a plastic surgeon offered u a free operation, what would u get done?
go What makes other people remember u
go Are you?
go What sort of music are u into
go Wots your views on h0mos*xuals
go Would u ever travel overseas
go Do u have any kids
go Wots yor poison
go Favourite breakfast beverage
go Which animal is your favorite
go Wot hand do u wipe your with



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